One-To-One Mentoring (Live)




The free mentor group  I run (see here) I fully support and offer whatever advice and support freely. For some, this might not be enough. If you require a more in-depth discussion and assistance face-to-face as email sometimes just doesn’t cut it, then this might be for you.

Purchase of this will get you up to an hour (I encourage you to take full advantage of that) face-to-face either over Skype or a secure video conferencing solution (not Zoom). Once purchased a suitable date and time will be agreed between us.

Please note that outside the UK this may not be available due to, well, time zones and that fact that I would like to get some sleep sometime 🙂 Sorry about that, just make use of the free mentor group mentioned above and could always arrange some kind of recorded video stuff. Let’s talk first 🙂