Amulet Design Options

Here the symbols I tend to use. Some more often than others, and possibly some I don’t. If there isn’t anything here you want, just drop me a message and we can chat about it for no additional cost.


Symbol Description
Chaos Star (or Chaosphere) – A symbol frequently used by Chaos Magicians that represents aspects of the psyche, magical spheres and sometimes dimensions.
The ancient Egyptian Benu bird. A symbol of enteral life and resurrection. Later civilisations called it the Phoenix.
The Ankh – Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for life.
The Eye of Horus – A symbol of health, well being and strength.
A serpent – just because.
One of my favouite symbols for good luck and well being.
Cow horns representing the goddess Hathor.
A classic ancient Egyptian amulet for the heart – etneral life and well being.
The hieroglyph for the goddess Isis – One of the four sisters I often invoke.
A moon symbol.
The hieroglyph for the goddess Nepthysis – One of the four sisters I often invoke.
A pentagram.
The hieroglyph for the goddess Neith – One of the four sisters I often invoke.
The Scarab – The most common of all ancient Egyptian amulets. Representing the Ra, the sun, and health and life.
A bind rune I created decades ago that I’ve used for protection and assistance in all things.
A symbol of the sun.
The Shen hieroglyph – Infinity, stability and eternal.
The hieroglyph for the goddess Selket – One of the four sisters I often invoke and my primary goddess
The Tit amulet – The girdle of Isis. Obtains her protection through her blood. A very strong feminine symbol.
The Djed amulet – The spine of Osiris; Enduring, stability and strength.
The feather of Ma’at – Truth, justice, knowledge and law.
The triple moon aspect.
The Was amulet – The symbol of authority and power (of the magician).
The Wadj amulet – Protection and rejuvenation.