Pure Ritual – Soap Range

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Whether your needs are for spiritual use or you just want an interesting and unusual heady exotic scent, this range of hand made soaps inspired from classic ancient Egyptian recipes are just for you!


Made from luxurious goats milk and pure 100% essential oils these soaps are something special. Their wonderful scent will transport you another time and place, and who can’t resist that right now?


I developed them for my spiritual practice, Kemetism (ancient Egypt), requires a certain level of purity and hygiene when involved with spiritual activities, and in particular when working in the presence of the gods. A strict purification process is often part of my routine so that those ‘who’s scent is sweet‘ i.e. the gods who are pure, will accept my presence in their shrine.

The result is a range of specially formulated soap bars which contain pure essential oils (absolutely no fake fragrances here), based on scents that I personally find exhilarating or inspired from ancient recipes, and my own incense blend that bring a sense of peace and purification to every day life or any spiritual activity.

The range consists of the following oil options (clicking on those links will give you more details on their scent):

Additionally, for an extra feeling of relaxation and purity, there is a Kapet Cleansing Kit which contains a bar of the Kapet soap, some loose incense and incense balls – more details [here]. And for those that can’t choose between all of the options there is now a four bar selection box of my more exotic scents available [here]

Each deeply moisturising and luxuriant goats milk bar is mixed with one of the above oils by hand, and then hand wrapped in wax and black paper.

Note: Not tested on animals. Uses all natural ingredients. Keep away from children. For best results store in an air tight container. To prolong life cut off strips as required and best used within 3 months of opening.