Labyrinth Walks

For a while now I’ve been playing with labyrinths at various pagan events. They are amazing things and now I want to bring this experience to you and the wider community.



I have designed a workshop around labyrinth walking for short slots or whole day events. If you are interested in booking such an interesting and deeply meditative experience then I would love to hear from you. The areas we will explore are not just limited to meditation, but also include healing and ritual use if this of interest and the length and content can be adjusted for all situations.

To give an idea of size and scale of these the above picture is my small one at 3.5m, I have an 8m and my largest of 13.5m is shown in a video below. Of course as these are rope based the scale can be adjusted to fit, for example the 3.5m above is still a little too large for my garden so I nudge it down a little. We can be outside or in and I’ve even coated the small one in some neon reflective paint and so it glows a little in the dark!

If you are after something extra to attach or compliment your own event, or just want to have some personal time to explore (and perhaps receive some healing from me) then please contact me, don’t assume I won’t be available too as location is not an important aspect, do contact me on the above links and we can discuss your requirements.

An example of a labyrinth walk can be seen of me in this video of my largest rope labyrinth which spans a massive 13.5m! It’s not the most exciting video I have to admit but it will give you an idea of the scale for individual or group use.


Bright blessings and hope to work with you at some point.


Here are a selection of photos from various events (some closed some open to the public) that I have taken my fabulous labyrinths to. I will be adding more as and when they occur.


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