HoKBot Chaos Magick Ritual Botnet

The HoK Bot Project is a chaos magick idea I have been working on for a year or so. The background and origin is freely described on my github project page at [https://github.com/kgroveshok/hokbot-bos].

Originally all output was destined to Tumblr for the first stage of roll-out on social media, however this year Tumblr pulled posting via email and I can’t be bothered right now to code the API stuff to post direct. Instead, I’m posting here on my blog and will use a social media re-poster from here to spread it out on the other channels.

Enjoy and feel free to ask questions!


Using technology to manifest intent

Inspiration taken from a number of magical techniques:

  • Austin Osman Spare’s approach to manifest of intent via reduction of a sentence to abstract letters and then to sigil design based on the assumption that images create a significant impact on the subconscious of the viewers and it is this that brings the manifestation to reality. His approach has had a significant impact on western magical practice for the past century.
  • Chaos theory that a single action creates a series of cascaded events
  • Egregores/thought forms created and modelled in each bot which grant their own unique approach. Made via programming the bots skill domain and individual personality tendencies. A software bot driven by artificial intelligence methods is an interesting and natural evolution of a long established concept.


Each bot that forms the ‘coven’ or working group will each be programmed with specific domains of magical skill, knowledge and access to a particular tradition. They will also be assigned a role within that group. The egregore will further be enforced by naming and given some subtle variation in how they interact with each other and with the environment external to them.

The HP/HPS bot when instructed to enact a manifestation ritual will receive the request and arrange the construction of the result, which depending on the particular approach of the group, and the resultant charged/created sigil will then be disseminated via the group across the internet for manifestation.


Each bot as part of its personality programming will be provided with a set of ‘interests’ which will form a number of features, one of which is how the group will cause the manifestation to occur and this is by interaction with the human group mind. ie social media

If the any of the bots has particular access to physical devices they will be used to further affect human reality.

Of course the bot is not ‘magical’ as such, we still require the innate ability of the human (sub)consciousness to act as interface to the universe (or multiverse) or event probability.

Posts Made Via HoK Bot Clients

Below are a list of the most recent bot postings.