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  1. Thank you. No this is one I found on the WordPress theme list called Suffusion, there is a link on the bottom right of the page. Of al the ones I looked through this had the best design and feel for what I wanted.

    Good luck with your blog, although I don’t have type 2, I am glucose intolerant which in the UK they tend to class as diabetes in the hope of preventing it getting that far.


  2. Thanks for the great lesson today! Sorry I wasn’t there for some of it, but I’ll definitely be attending more. Is there another place where I can find when you’ll be doing these classes? This is the site that came up when I googled your SL name.

    • Thanks. If have a Witchfest tag then you will get notices of the events, if you dont have one then I can get someone to grant you one. Also outside the main tavern is a calendar which has all the events listed. I will also try and post here too.

      There will be two more in this series and then I will rewrite and start the series off again. I will also see about doing a calendar on this site too if that helps.

      Lots more to come so its quite possible that I will still do this.
      Bright blessings

  3. Hello Kevin I am Wondering if you will remember my name from a very long time ago, I like what you are doing, In case you havn’t looked the name is Artura and I will be at the Fest on Saturday. BB

    • Sorry, I missed your comment, it fell in the site spam trap and I get so many.

      Yes if you get this in time then come and say hello. I’m heading down there in an hour or so and will be lurking in the area. See you Saturday. 🙂

      Take care

    • Hi I did leave a message on your mobile a while back. No problem I’m sure you are watching the CoA thread on the Kentish Moot. Will catch up in a couple of weeks once the fun of Yule is out of the way.

      Have a good one.

  4. Cookie Holloway

    Attended your talk today at Witchfest on Creative Visualisation, I loved it! It was a wonderful insight and I hope your voice gets better! Am very looking forward to your talk next year! I will be highly recommending you to a few of my friends who require some guidance in your field! Again thank you for speaking I was truly captivated!…x

    • Thank you very much, you are most kind. Keep in touch various options as I said, or check here once in a while. Although I tend to use this as my place to put things, a quicker kind of finger on the pulse think is via Facebook but thats your choice if you want to use that. 🙂

      My voice did eventually break up but I was singing along to the bands later. Its much better today.

      Really looking forward to the Artemis Gathering next year now, much planned for it.

      Talk soon

  5. Hi Kiya! Just came to your website after your lecture in SL and have had fun looking around. I just wanted to say hi and I’ll keep a check on this website, it looks really good. BTW, I’m Seri in SL 🙂

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