Kapet Incense Dry Mix


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See my page Kapet Incense for the full details of this wonderful ancient Egyptian incense. These I make for my personal use and although I make enough for the year plus a bit more for ‘just in case’ rituals, I do love to share it with the wider community.

I love the sweet, spicy and earthy smell. My favorite incense and in ancient times that this was their most expensive and desirable incense only for use in the most important temples, for where the gods who’s scent is sweet require only the best. The reputation is well deserved – the gods deserve no less!

Based on the same recipe as the Kapet balls, but as a loose hand ground incense mix of 9g without the wine, date and honey base.

Be aware that as this is hand ground there may be some inconsistencies in particle size even though I tend to give it a couple of goes through my mortar and pestle. If you want it finer then give it another grind when it arrives.

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Weight 62.6 g

15ml/9g, 30ml/20g