Rune Readings


What are Runes or Oracle Stones?

Runic scripts appear in varying forms across a number different societies and while the common association of the word ‘rune’ is with the northern forms others do exist, moving on from there, are the more abstract non-writing based forms such as mine and would be often called ‘oracle stones’.

The origin of this set I detailed in a blog article called Creating a divination system, and is essentially my own creation tied to my own psyche.

What do I do?

I offer readings via my own set of rune designs as shown below.

When I cast them by throwing them down onto a leather sheet (which also serves as its bag), I will interpret the symbols based on the presence of the stone that represents you. From there threads of runes chain outwards revealing strands of paths indicating events and situations most prominent in your life and immediate future.

You will also receive both a photo/video of the layout (so I can help explain what I see) as well as an explanation, from that point we can discuss further so this is not just a single casting and leaving it all back to you, this is a full consultation.

There are a number of options on how you want to proceed with the consultation and please contact me before purchase if you have any questions.


 Once we are ready to continue please visit the shop for the required type of reading and I will then be in a position to cast them. Thank you! BB K


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