A Kemetic Life – No. 1: Keeping It Personal Booklet


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Welcome to the first of my new ‘A Kemetic Life’ booklet series. In this new series I embark on spiritual and magical reconstructionism from both both pure modern Kemetic and from my own part Kemetic and part Chaos Magic view points.

No. 1: Keeping It Personal, A Kemetic Life Series, 2021, The Wolfenhowle Press

As usual I give a pretty frank and honest write up in as objective way as possible common Kemetic themes and my own sometimes slightly erratic and geeky gap filled practices. This series is ideal for both beginner and experienced and will often draw in on my own private ritual and experiences which I may have glossed over (due to space) in ‘A Path Laid Bare’.

When the order is confirmed, I will be in contact to discuss if you want it signed. Also available unsigned directly from my publisher https://shop.thewolfenhowlepress.com/.

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