Yule Once Again

Every year Yule approachs me as if a rampaging bull. And each year I fail to engage.  This year is no different I think, a combination of being in denial of a cold, work, family and failing in many ways to focus on the next book.

This lack of engagement is evident that I actually started this blog entry on the 14th, and have just picked it up again to finish a week later.

Yule is my least favourite festival as I feel the furthest from spring and summer. The nights are long, cold and wet. As much as I love autumn with the colour and fading green, the depths of winter that are to come drain me.

It is a good time for reflection but I tend to be unable to focus on such tasks as I miss fresh air.

Time for a walk I think.

Bb k


Over the years I’ve experienced a number of different skrying methods such as cloud, fire and water. Fire still remains my favourite and I will frequently make use of the fireplace or candle.

I welcome any comments or questions on this subject and over time I may make further blog entries on this. At the very least, come August 2014, I have plans to present a work-shop at the Children Of Artemis event the Artemis Gathering on this topic. Those notes will of course make it here.