Website Launches May 2021

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce the launch of two new websites that focus on both my cosmetics and storytelling.

While this site will always remain my home, these two new sites will become ways I can appeal to a wider audience, as well as ensure this site does not become too messy.




Ancient Egyptian Storytelling

Well, it has begun… Rehearsals for my ‘tour’ 🙂 This is both exciting and terrifying, of course I know the stories as they have been part of my life since childhood. Knowing them well enough, and being able to present them to others in a coherent form is something new.

I’ve had a lot of help from my local storytelling group the Dover Tailspinners, as well as a great boot-camp last weekend with Jason Buck. Still, I feel a long way to go but I will do it. Those of you who have seen my talk will know my manic and passionate approach to presenting, so all I can say at this stage is it will be an interesting experience.

Now I’ve got rid of the most of this nasty cold that is going around I will begin the full rehearsals to camera, to help me understand my delivery. Should any of them be OK as I get closer to the time, then I’m sure to post them up either here directly or via my YouTube channel.

To keep track of where I will be performing, please jump over to the events page for details. Thanks and I hope to see many of you there!


Children Of Artemis Events 2014

Now booked my hotel for Witchfest 2014 so can rest a little, I’m booked for a workshop/talk there as well as Artemis Gathering 2014.  So far, have two sessions, the first is my usual visualisation talk around the fire pit and another more formal one on Skrying technques.

Links to the events can be found here Witchfest and Artemis Gathering.

See you there!