Summer’s End

The air has a new feel and smell and the shadows lengthen. The season turns towards storing strength for the winter.

I love this time of year. Has been an amazing summer, the best for a long time and still more to come as its not quite over yet it seems.

Have a blessed day.



In a few hours and I shall be off to Artemis Gathering. A lot has happened in the past year, much change (which I always embrace good or bad), some sadness and great joy.

Oh the whole it has been very educational and the past couple of weeks in particular.

The final stages of my first book are approching and thoughts now turn to the next which I had already outlined. With recent events the dirction has changed somewhat and perhaps the frustration of the planning was intended by my goddess to delay me until now, when I am ready to focus.

This weekend I am sure will have many revelations in this regard.