New! Mini Soap Range..

While the frankincense and mint soaps are doing well, my Kapet, Susinum, Jasmine Susinum and Jasmine don’t seem to be attracting the same kind of attention. Understandably the more expensive oils and unfamiliar names may be putting customers off.

To encourage the curious to give them a try with a lower risk, I’ve created a smaller bar range of 15g rather than the 100g of the full size bars which start at a price of £1.

Believe me, they are really worth a try!


Online Shop Now Open

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a number of ideas that would work and are unique from me. Here it is then… I have a number of things that I do in my Kemetic (and Chaos Magic practices) that I think others might find handy, as well as the stuff I do for public events already.

There is more to come and its quite exciting stuff (well, for me at least).

Have a good look around and feel free to ask questions.