Website Launches May 2021

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce the launch of two new websites that focus on both my cosmetics and storytelling.

While this site will always remain my home, these two new sites will become ways I can appeal to a wider audience, as well as ensure this site does not become too messy.




Summer Solstice 2017

Hello all,

As promised a quick mail now we are approaching the summer solstice, which for me is a very important time. It’s my new year (Wep Ron Pet), though many Kemetics mark this one first week of August I tend towards the Old Kingdom period which places it at the summer solstice. Anyway, whatever and however you mark this festival, enjoy!


Update time then, my events as usual are at:


My next Pure Magik 15th June and will be on basic ritual and spell practice.

Next Dover is tomorrow on the 10th June at the Red Lion. This and the rest of the dates can be found on the Facebook group:

I did do a YouTube version of my talk at the Staffordshire Pagan Conf (which next year becomes Witchfest Midlands!).


Will be adding a few more soon so subscribe and be notified of any updates.

There will be a summer solstice ceremony on the beach as usual as part of the Folkestone group on 17th June..


More groups I can be found lurking at are of course the Faversham Moot:

And last, but not least, Living Magically in Canterbury:


Have a blessed and wonderful run up to the summer solstice.

BB Kev


An Article Reminder

Many of my articles are to do with my Second Life classes that I run at the Witchfest Sim. There I talk about my experiences on visualisation and astral projection, along with how I adapt traditional practices to astral magic use as I tend towards non-physical working. If you have any questions on this topic, and they are not addressed by the articles below, then do please drop me a line as I would love to hear from others who experience this fascinating practice. BB K

A Path Laid Bare

Last night I sent off my final text of my book to Tylluan Penry at The Wolfenhowle Press.

As a writer I think I have grown quite a bit over the last few months, and I will put a large amount of thanks to Tylluan for her guidance.

One aspect has surprised me the most is learning to let go. Always had that problem and has been a struggle at times to know when to stop. Last night I just knew it was done.

Instead of doubt I let it go with love and happiness that all is well. The first time I have ever felt that about my work.

Now I will look forward to seeing it in print.

Before then, time to briefly reflect and start on the next…