My Writing July 2022

After the release of Kemetic Practice – Keeping It Personal, I had I think four more booklets mapped out and mostly written to follow on the series. However a number of things occurred to put those plans on hold. The first and most importantly, Kemetic practice isn’t that common and the second planned booklet on the subject of Ma’at while being a good bit of text on this core concept I decided it wouldn’t be appealing enough (heavy text with no pictures) to make it commercially viable to print and so may never see the light of day. I then swapped that out with the perhaps publishing my versions of the stories I had been telling as well as my slightly quirky original fiction mixing in the style of Dahl’s Tales Of The Unexpected set in ancient Egypt. that I may still do.

The rest of the planned series which would go into greater detail about my actual practices that I couldn’t fit into A Path Laid Bare I then shelved. I did that because again, the strong Kemetic side wouldn’t find a viable readership for I am neither fully Kemetic or Chaos Magician so pitching for those readers which are few enough each and maybe even rarer together I couldn’t see where they would go. The decision then at that point was for yet another set of book(let)s to never see the light of day.

Roll on a couple of years and the situation has changed further.

In 2017 I withdrew from the general pagan community to refocus on my purely Kemetic path and the deep dive and re-connection has resulted in a very long an varied set of experiences. I had intended to return through late 2020 however the COVID pandemic surfaced and that forced me to take another look at things from a different perspective. I have now almost completed what I need to do in this phase and the effects of this deep dive have had a number of effects on my entire spiritual path, in relation to this post, that means some of that also affects the writing projects I detailed above.

I’m not going to go into the details of what has changed as this is long enough already however in regards to my writing which is the point of this post, I will be revisiting the above several works in progress with a view to reworking them for a more general application, especially the material that sort of draw attention to me many many years ago and what many found valuable in my various talks etc. I feel that material needs further expansion and documenting as it will be still relevant to many.

The more esoteric aspects of what I do, (or did) in particular to my Kemetic and Chaos Magic practices and quirks, I would still love to do something with for they provide interesting insights into how things can be done differently for both of them as well as in general. I just don’t know how I will frame them yet and feel that when I do it will be the only attempt I will make. Not sure how long these will take right now, essentially it is mostly an editing job to pick and choose what would fit for the respective theme.

If you’ve made it this far then thanks for sticking with it. This is partly a way for me to vent something that has been going round in my head for some years and may finally have resolution on it. Plus, I feel some of you out there may actual want to know. Not many of you but some. I’ve not gone, just distracted by other exciting opportunities for now.