Summer Solstice 2014

Well, for a a change I partook in a Druid ceremony on a local beach at Folkstone this morning for the mid summer solstice. A little over cast but still a good experience with friends and new friends made there. Afterwards pulled out my rope labyrinth and a few had a go with it.

Its late now on the Saturday and the long day is starting to catch up with me. Still more to do, tomorrow I think now, my own ritual and then prep for a trip down to Stonehenge for a private ritual there that I have been invited to.

Labyrinth, will travel

If you are after something a little more interesting to use for meditation then let me come along with my rope labyrinth.

It being rope means it can be adjusted for any space you may have, indoors or out.

Over thr past couple of years I have found that walking this simple shape yields a startling meditational effect.

No previous meditative experience appears to be necessary from the examples I have witnessed.