Summer Solstice 2018

OK, I know we’ve moved on from the solstice, and I’ve been meaning to update the blog in a long time, but well, I’m quite frankly enjoying the disconnect from the community that kicked over at Samhain 2017.

I’m still around of course for those that feel they want to talk to me, I’m not cutting myself off completely, just not going out of my way to involve myself in community activities. To be honest I really am feeling so much better for it.

After my health scare at the end of last year I’ve made many changes to my life which continue, and will do so for the rest of my life. Right now, sitting in my back garden which I have been busy sorting out after neglecting for the past few years as I’ve always been dragged off to some other event or something, I am more at peace with myself now than I have been in many years. The wonderful hazel trees, the fruit, my grapes, the amazing smell of jasmine filling the garden. Utter bliss!

The happiness I feel I think is due to being less concerned and wrapped up in dealing with other people’s problems rather than my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love to help, but those of us who help too much can neglect our own welfare, which over a long time can be very detrimental. Now, I have less worries and my focus is on other things.

Talking of which, my main focus of course, and the most significant reason I have withdrawn from the community is to focus on my own Kemetic path. And I have certainly done that. The Kemetic Temple UK continues to slowly build, I’ve reconnected with a few friends I thought I had lost, and I’ve learnt so much more about my own path.

I continue to work on the next book, which after a few days away in Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago has finally resulted in the decision to write two books instead of a series. Those will be talked about as we go.

As well as that, exploration of my Kemetic continues and I love it! In fact I’ve even considered the possibility of undertaking courses in Egyptology. I start a short online course in September to see if I can get back into distance learning before committing to something a little more significant. 🙂

Have a great summer and I will see some of you at Artemis Gathering for sure.