New Range! Essential Oils And Blends

I love my essential oils and I know others do too. So I’m releasing various sizes and dilutions (mainly for the most exotic and expensive) from my extensive collection. Depending on how in demand these are I may release more as well as blends of essential oil blends that didn’t quite make it to be a final perfume.

If there is a material you would like to see, do drop me a message and I will see if I have it, or if not, can source  it.

Incense Range Revisited

Welcome a range of additional resins, mostly ones I use in perfumery. I adore each and every material and I’m sure you will too.

I have also added a double previous size jar to my Kapet loose incense too as that might help those that can’t get enough of that one!

Check them out right now…. Incense Range