A Call For Pagan Counsellors

A number of representatives of Pagan organisations including Dolmen Grove have been discussing the possibility of collating a shared list of professional but essentially pagan counsellors.

This is because we are aware that in some situations it is beneficial to have a counsellor who understands the spiritual beliefs of the individual as well as the problems being faced.

The intention is to be able to offer advice or counselling where necessary to pagans countrywide and the original call was put out September 2014 and received much interest, since then we have been compiling the list and are now looking for any more who may have missed it the first time around.

If you are a qualified professional pagan/heathen counsellor and would like to be included on the list please could you contact Diane Narraway (chairman Dolmen Grove) by email at dolmengrove@dolmengrove.co.uk or me at kev@temple.houseofkiya.co.uk.

Please state qualifications and tradition/path plus any fees/costs etc.

Any help with this will be appreciated by all those of the pagan community in need!

From the other side too, should you be in need of these confidential services then do please either contact Diane, me or any other member of the Pagan Symposium and they will assist you in finding the help you need.


Diane Narraway -The Dolmen Grove
Andy Pardy – Police Pagan Association
Paul Pearson – Greenmantle Magazine
Ashley Mortimer – Doreen Valiente Foundation
Mike Stygal – The Pagan Federation
Helene Mobius – Moonhenge
Cathbodva Clarity – Children of Artemis
Phillip Shallcrass – The British Druid Order
Esme Knight – Pagan Pride UK
Caz Galloway – Pagan Pride UK
Juan Payne – The Centre for Pagan Studies
Kevin Groves
Dawn Kinsella – The Goddess Temple
Morgana Sythove – Pagan Fed International
Caroline Wise – Fellowship of Isis
Jez Green – UK Heathenry
Andy Norfolk – ASLAN Advocacy
Shaun Hayes – OBOD
Cat Treadwell – The Druid Network
Elle Hull – Avalon Temple (Glastonbury)
Eleanor Bennet – Pagan Radio
David Spofforth – Pagan Dawn
Andy Norfolk – Pentangle Magazine
Robin Taylor – Kith of Yggdrasil