Magical Ritual Tools Booklet Now Available


I am happy to announce the release of my third booklet on ‘Magical Ritual Tools’.

This third item (second booklet) takes a look at magical and ritual tools, what they are and how to find or make them. My personal definition is that tools are essentially anything that can assist
in doing a job, from those we all know such as wands, to more general things such as making use of the environment around us.

Learning about physical tools has been an important journey for me and taught me to understand the physical to aid my preferred non-physical ritual practice. It also helps me comprehend what is
going on in a group ritual when someone starts waving various things around expecting everyone to understand what’s happening!

All three are available direct from The Wolfenhowl Press website [here].



Mead 20th March 2016 Batch 6

1 kg honey bookers

0.5 kg peach



Racked 21st april

8th may ok

18th may. Yuck. added 350g thawed raspberries.

9th june sample nice taste of raspberry. Much better

12th june racked out the raspberry bits. Sample is dry but nice raspberry taste

Reracked left some flotsum which in large air spacewent to mold. Had to ditch.