An Article Reminder

Many of my articles are to do with my Second Life classes that I run at the Witchfest Sim. There I talk about my experiences on visualisation and astral projection, along with how I adapt traditional practices to astral magic use as I tend towards non-physical working. If you have any questions on this topic, and they are not addressed by the articles below, then do please drop me a line as I would love to hear from others who experience this fascinating practice. BB K

A Path Laid Bare

My first book can now be purchased from

Our spiritual path, no matter which path that happens to be, changes throughout our lives with ups, downs and stages in between as our journey with the divine develops. In this book, the well known spiritual teacher Kevin Groves shares his spiritual journey in a frank and honest way. By telling the story of how he found his path, he shows that even though our paths may differ, the gods are with us all the way. A simple premise, but a powerful story, told in Kevin’s own, inimitable way.

The light at the end if the tunnel is not an oncoming train!