Dog Of Defense Spell

The following except from Ritual Magic Workbook by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki I have sucsessfully used for many years and recommend it for any protective use.

The Dog of Defense
By now you should have chosen your Temple guardian and named it. There is an invocation known as ‘Raising the Dog of Defense’. It was taught to me by W.E. Butler, and he got it from Dion Fortune who learned of it when she was a member of the Golden Dawn. It appears to have been an adaptation of an Egyptian spell to set a guardian before the door of a tomb. It is still powerful after many centuries and can be used to place your guardian if you adapt the words. Here is the original:
Arise Dog of Defence that I may instruct thee in thy duties. Be thou ever watchful to the North and the South, the East and the West, behind thee and above thee, and below thee and around thee. Take thy watch from the setting of the Sun to the coming of the dawn, and stand guard as I have instructed thee.
The adaptation for the temple might go like this:
Arise…..of defence that I may instruct thee in the guarding of this sacred place. Look to the East and the South, to the West and the North, above thee and below thee and from whatever quarter evil may strike. Thy standing is for a year and a day from the setting of the Sun to the rising of the Sun. When thy time is done depart to thine own place and may you be blessed with the amount due to thee.
A guardian is normally an elemental whose shape has been changed by your intention into whatever shape you decide upon. No elemental should ever be forced into perpetual work of any kind, hence the time limit of a year and a day. After that you erect a new guardian. You can use the Dog of Defence if you are away from home and feel the need for protection of some kind. It is highly effective, and if you happen to be even a latent materializing medium, you can end up with something very tangible.

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