Group Sigil By Bellatrix For Dancing before hathor

Group Sigil joyous time camping . Created by bellatrix generated on Mon Jul 17 11:58:21 2017

The King, the Pharaoh, comes to dance,
He comes to sing
Mistress, see the dancing,
Wife of Horus, see the skipping!
He offers it to you,
This jug of beer
Mistress, see the dancing,
O Golden One, see the skipping!
He offers it to you,
This loaf of bread
Mistress, see the dancing,
Great One, see the skipping!
He comes to dance, he comes to sing!
His heart is straight, his inmost open,
No darkness is in his breast
His bag is of rushes,
His basket of reeds,
His sistrum of gold,
His necklace of malachite.
His feet hurry to the Mistress of Music,
He dances for her, she loves his doing!
Welcome my goddess on this your joyous time camping
I complete this with your sigil

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