Group Sigil By Kev For Hathor goes forth to her people

Group Sigil Het-Hor Goes Forth To Her People . Created by kev generated on Wed Nov 2 22:31:13 2016

All hail, jubilation to You, O Golden One,
Sole ruler, Uraeus of the Supreme Lord Himself!
Mysterious One who gives birth to the divine entities,
Forms the animals, models them as She pleases, fashions men…
O Mother! …Luminous One who thrusts back the darkness,
who illuminates every human creature with Her rays,
hail, Great One of many Names…
You from whom the Divine Entities come forth in this Your Name of Mut-Aset!
You-Who-Cause the throat to breathe,
Daughter of Ra, whom He spat forth from His mouth in this Your Name of Tefnut!
O Nit who appeared in Your barque in this Your Name of Mut!
O Venerable Mother, You who subdues Your adversaries in this Your name Nekhbet!
O You-Who-Knows-How-To-Make-Right-Use-of-the-Heart,
You who triumphs over your enemies in this Your Name of Sekhmet!
It is the Golden One…the Lady of Drunkenness, of Music, of Dance,
of Frankincense, of the Crown, of Young Women,
Whom men acclaim because they love Her!
It is the Gold of the Divine Entities, who comes forth at Her season,
the month of Epipi, the Day of the New Moon, at the Festival of She is Delivered…
Heaven makes merry, the earth is full of gladness, the Castle of Heru rejoices.
welcome my goddess on this your Het-Hor Goes Forth To Her People
I complete this with your sigil
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