Group Sigil By Nehemtawy For Hymn to bast 1

Group Sigil . Created by nehemtawy generated on Mon Feb 26 21:56:27 2018

I am a great, yellow, stalking cat – Mesmerizer, Healer, Companion – tender and fierce, a beast of fur that blink
I know what I know in my body.
I hold the rat in my golden gaze.
I lick the dust from my kittens.
I am everywhere alert and at ease.
I wait in the moment, no longer flesh and fur, but the fact of a thing that waits, patient and anonymous as stone.
I am Cat: pounce, paws, and all.
I am Mau, what I call myself.
I am sun and dust, whiskers, milk and fur.
I ask of you tefnut please withdraw your moisture
I complete this with your sigil

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