Plans for 2015

As this year draws to a close I’ve spent a little time reflecting on what went on, what worked and what didn’t. There certainly were a lots of things going on this year like any other year.

For next year I have decided a number of avenues to explore futher:

1. Must finish this second book! Really need to get it out. I think I’ve added as much as i dare and need to whittle it down and shape it.

2. Next up is my labyrinth work. I can’t believe how much that strange shape has affected me (and everyone I’ve exposed it to) this year. I already have a number of workshop events for 2015 arranged and need more.

3. Revise my Second Life classes as they have been fairly static the past year or so.

4. Finally, to blog more here rather than use this as a notes dumping ground.

Those are going to be my focus for the next year.

I think that will be enough.☺

Bb k

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