Late May 2017

Hello All,
May is nearly over and its been a busy one which is why I’ve possibly not been bugging anyone too much. 

Beltane was different for me this year. Normally I try and stay local but instead the random invite for a festival the other end of the country was too much to turn down. It was OK, windy, but not bad. Something to try again sometime.

The open Beltane ceremony at the Shakra Centre back on the 6th was amazing and if any of you came along then thank you. We had a larger group than the Samhain open of around 15-20 and this time the pagan content was almost everyone.

The extra icing on the cake was that for many of these pagans who came, it was their first attendance at a public ceremony. More and more are taking their first steps out into the wider world.

If you have yet to do so and want to then please talk to me.


There was also other changes, more of which to be announced in due course.

Time then for an update. My events are:

My next Pure Magik 15th June and will be on basic ritual and spell practice.
Next Dover is on the 10th June at the Red Lion. This and the rest of the dates can be found on the Facebook group:
YouTube too continues to fill up and I’m planning a few short clips so stay tuned.

This weekend (27th May) I’m speaking at the Staffordshire Pagan Conference on Egyptian Magic.


Out and about with other groups continue.


More groups I can be found lurking at are of course the Faversham Moot:


And last, but not least, Living Magically in Canterbury:

If you want to stay up-to-date with whats going on locally then do sign up:
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Have a blessed and wonderful run up to the summer solstice, and hopefully I will get out something else out before then, if not forward to seeing you all soon!