An Inspiring Day

Now is the time of Ostara, the Spring Equinox, of equal day and equal night, a festival that I have never previously marked. However…

The past week or so has been most interesting. First event of note is a discussion with my friend Lilith and the subject of the symbols that appeared on my hands twenty years ago this year, although I have recently discovered some unlocked healing potential in them, she suggested that the two parts of the symbol being the Ankh within a circle, could represent the Sun and Moon aspects respectively.

I quickly identified the aspect of Thoth within those symbols, he has been a shadowy aspect to my path the last few years, and my Selket has been slowly introducing me to him through various tasks. The functions of the moon, wisdom and healing, Thoth’s spheres of interests were then quickly followd a few days later when I managed to find some time to watch a TV program I had recorded weeks previously on the fabled Book Of Thoth, the foundation to Herticism, something that had an early influence on my path.

Although most of the content was familiar the affect this alleged book had on the formation of the Tarot perked my interest. Since I began my path, except for one instance I have never been able to lay my hands on a pack of Tarot cards without experiencing heat and pain, thats if I’m even able to get close enough, most often ‘events’ occur to prevent me when desire to go shopping. Anyway, the upshot of the TV program was that although the Tarot was interpreted as being the source or descendant of the Book of Tarot, but the interpretation could be wrong, there may never have been a book and the Book of Thoth could be a description of the entire corpus of written work as it was traditional to attribute written works to him. This view I do in fact agree with, its not unusual for this kind of allusion with Egyptian literature, and I felt a niggling feeling this was in some way connected with all that I mention above. I will be watching this program again to gleam more from it.

Today, it hits me, the realisation at the time of equal sun and equal moon that the reason I can’t touch Tarot is that they would have been, and will be, a distraction from the real understanding of the wisdom of Thoth. The fact that all of these events and thoughts occur at such a connected time that symbolises Thoth is something I can’t ignore, I’ve had similar before and I know I should pay attention in the days, weeks, months that follow. I know more is to come.

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