Launch Of New Kemetic Community

Further to my last blog entry, I’m now at a point where I think I can open the doors to a new Kemetic community focused primarily on the UK but hey, why not for everyone? 🙂

Early days, and its never an easy thing to start something new, so things are a little bare at this point. This is where dragging anyone with an interest in will help.

I don’t care if you are a full Kemetic re-constructionist or just interested in adding some ancient Egyptian deity to your existing practices – all are welcome.

Share and lets get this buzzing, I know there are plenty of Kemetics out there, we just don’t often come out of to play that often 😉

Thanks and see you there!


Community Announcement

Hey all,

Several years ago I ventured out into the pagan community searching for fellow Kemetic practitioners or re-constructionists.

Luckily, I found a few scattered around the UK and further afield, though depressingly searching for a larger pool I thought there could be groups or organisations that might offer a better chance. Unfortunately apart from some short lived groups (perhaps failing because of the low Kemetic population) there doesn’t appear to be any that offer what I am after. Sure, there are some overseas ones that have UK extensions but they don’t appeal to me due to how they’ve approached Kemetic practice.

Of course there have been plenty of general pagan groups and while I’ve really enjoyed those opportunities, the practice of ancient Egyptian magic and it’s approach to deity does not quite align with how much of the pagan community do theirs. This has resulted in some disappointment which is a real shame.

All is not lost though. From those who appear to be in a similar situation I’ve been thinking about creating a corner for us local Kemetics to hang out. Now, I may have no success, it may fail like all of the other past groups. On the other hand it might work – we won’t know if we don’t try.

If any Kemetics out there – doesn’t matter if you are UK or not I suppose – are interested keep in touch and I will announce things once I’ve sorted out the basics.





2016: Midwinter, Yule, or whatever…

Well, that time is almost upon us again isn’t it? I’m often told I’m miserable this time of year, and yes, I am. I have absolutely no idea what this time is about. Though I’m pagan, or more accurately Kemetic, in previous years I’ve felt no connection with this time of the year, in fact I loath it. Why? I don’t mind the dark or the cold as such, but the short days seem to wear me down quite a bit and I long for the sun’s return.

My year (in a complicated way) starts at mid-summer, and for me this is the half way and lowest point for me. I mourn its loss and hope for the return of longer days and to see that glowing ball in the sky. Every morning on my way to work the past few months I’ve seen less and less of the sun and that makes me sad.

I don’t understand the pagan festival of Yule and this year, for the second year, I will mark it with friends in a our groups, but the festival as such means little to me. I care only about the companionship. That means more to me than any season change.

My family of course will celebrate Christmas as my wife is Christian and that is fair enough, I don’t get it so I will tag along and as a way to include my path such as it is we will have a Yule meal to mark it. Again I will have little feelings for the festival and only for the family connection.

That has been my annual routine for more than two decades: I hide and hope the sun comes back.

This year though there will be something different which is due to significant changes in my Kemetic practices. Tomorrow (Friday 16th) I begin a Kemetic festival period which I think ends around Boxing Day.  The festival is something I found in the last few months and is called ‘Festival of The Ten Dead Deities of Dendera’. A right mouthful and not as depressing as it sounds actually.

More to come as that one unfolds as this is the first go, and at least I have a number of days to work out what I need to do – mostly its just offerings of food and water to them. Those deities are connected with the creation stories and sit quite deeply at the early aspects of my Kemetic path.

Time will tell if it works out and get me more ‘in the festive mood’ like everyone else, now that I have something to look forward to! 🙂

So the rest of you have a happy whatever, I’m off to toast some dead deities. TTFN.


Witchfest 2016 – The Joys Of Kemetic Reconstructionism

Here are my notes from my RL Witchfest 2016 talk on Kemetic reconstrunctionism and practice as well as an audio recording from a repeat the following day on Second Life.

Any questions please do ask!

witchfest2016 witchfest2016

Audio recording:


Samhain 2016

It has certainly been a strange year apart from the tragic deaths of a couple of friends. My own path has been through the wrangler and in a way has contributed to the talk I will be giving at Witchfest 2016 next month on the highs and lows of Kemetic reconstructionism.

Being a time of change, remembrance and general focus on one’s craft, all of which as a Kemetic I’m not really that attached to, however I still recognise the value in this. In fact throughout my many years I’ve always found a closeness to my goddess at this time and had attached the ‘thinning of the veil’ to that feeling. As it turns out I have been wrong all these years and this time stands in the middle of a two possible dates to festivals to my goddess that I was unaware of. Intuition can be valuable even if we have no idea why.

Other such path shattering discoveries have surfaced and I will take the opportunity to regroup and move forward with reawakened energy and focus, feeling that this time of year is now extra special to me as never before.

However you mark this time of year have a good one and learn from it.