Forging Magical Intent

I am thrilled to announce the availability of my fourth work, and third in the booklet series called ‘Forging Magical Intent’. This one focuses on spell craft and working with symbolism:

This booklet is for those of us who want alternatives to wordy
spells in order to forge our magical intent. The problem may be
caused by many reasons: perhaps we donโ€™t have a poetic bone in
our body due to lacking skill, vocabulary, interest or even a lack
of time.

Remember, spells do not have to be words for there are many
ways to alter reality.

Available from me directly or from my publisher at

3 thoughts on “Forging Magical Intent

  1. i would like to buy the book Forging Magical Intent , i normal buy books a the wolfenhowle press , but i can not find the book there yet, maybe it is to early do to easter
    Ole Kingston

    • Sorry i missed this one with all the spam I get. The book is available from them now or if you are local to me in Kent then happy to meet up and then you can get it signed too ๐Ÿ™‚ bb k

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