Rune Bag

A strangly productive xmas day. Apart from the eating and drinking of junk and the general lounging that occurs, i built my first lego model in years that i cant count.

It was the Ghostbusters car, a really geeky present to myself. So love that film and the time it came out holds some good memories. In any case the two hours (yes, 2 hrs and 100 pages), left a creative void.

I filled that void making a draw string rune bag for my own rune set. I had them in a small velvet bag i bought in london but not been convinced it was ideal. The first thing is the pentagram on the front does not fit my craft style – never used a pentagram. And thought a surface to cast them on would be useful.

So this picture is what i came up with using a rough bit of leather off cut and a spare hag stone.

Bb k


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