Writing Pains

OK folks I’ve been a bit quiet regarding the next book and I’ve had some questions while about and about. I’ve given some pained answers so now is the time to say something properly.

Tylluan Penry​ and I have had a number of conversations and lots of email. This second book has been a real pain to do, and this is only the physical aspects of my craft in this one. No idea how bad it will be to detail my non-physical work the original subject for the third one.

Anyway, the large number of chapters has resulted in too much for a single book so we are considering splitting it up into multiple books or even booklets. The reason for this is its not worth doing a single book with loads of topics and not have room to do those topics justice.

Taking that view for the past couple of weeks I’ve taken the already too large a chapter on my divination methods and been working on that topic alone. This morning I been hard at work and have doubled the content and right now I have enough material for half a book with still more to go.

Please be patient as we want to make these worth while.