The Symposium – A Gathering Of The Clans

For a long time there had been an unnecessary rivalry between many Pagan/Heathen organisations yet they were all striving to achieve the same goal – Providing a valuable service to the pagan community as a whole. Unfortunately this often had the opposite effect, distancing a community they were trying to serve.
Change was long overdue and the Pagan Federation took the initiative and invited
representatives from a number of Pagan and Heathen organisations to bring about these changes. It seemed that all those present were of the opinion that it would be good to find ways to put aside old rivalries and conflicts and see if we could explore ways to work together, each organisation remaining distinct. It is our diversity that allows us to bring our own unique insights, thoughts and suggestions in providing specific services.

The first meeting took place on 12th July 2014 and included representatives from many of the main Pagan and Heathen organisations in the UK. There was a little apprehension that things might not go according to plan. But there was also a great deal of shared intent that we would all do everything we could to make the gathering a success. A success it most certainly was. Since then, we have continued to explore ways we might work together, projects we might collaborate upon and ways we might signpost to one another for the expertise found in our respective organisations. The Pagan and Heathen symposium meeting was always intended to be a first step, and thanks to the wonderful enthusiasm and positive intent of all who attended the meeting, that first step was a big one.

Nearly a year later the Symposium currently consists of several organisations dedicated to working as a co-operative in order to address the many issues faced by and relevant to the Pagan and Heathen Communities. Current Organisations involved and their representatives are:

Diane Narraway -The Dolmen Grove
Andy Pardy – Police Pagan Association
Paul Pearson – Greenmantle Magazine
Ashley Mortimer – Doreen Valiente Foundation
Mike Stygal/Robin Taylor – The Pagan Federation
Helene Mobius – Moonhenge
Cathbodva Clarity – Children of Artemis
Phillip Shallcrass – The British Druid Order
Esme Knight/Caz Galloway – Pagan Pride UK
Juan Payne – The Centre for Pagan Studies
Kevin Groves
Dawn Kinsella – The Goddess Temple
Morgana Sythove – Pagan Federation International
Caroline Wise – Fellowship of Isis
Jez Green – U.K. Heathenry
Andy Norfolk – ASLAN Advocacy
Shaun Hayes – OBOD
Cat Treadwell – The Druid Network
Elle Hull – Avalon Temple (Glastonbury)
Eleanor Bennet – Pagan Radio
David Spofforth – Pagan Dawn
Andy Norfolk – Pentacle Magazine
Phil Parkyn/Geoff Miles – Kith of Yggdrasil
Anna Franklin – Mercian Gathering
Christina Oakley-Harrington – Treadwells Bookshop
Further information on the organisations involved and contact details for individuals can be found :

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