Winter 2017

Hi all,

Its been a while since I last did an actual blog post properly and I think its about time I did considering recent events.

Towards the end of October 2017 I was reaching an impasse on the writing for my next booklet on ritual magic, been going round in circles with way too much information to put over and for the crucial parts that were from my own quirky touches. In the end I decided to ditch a years worth of work in favour of skipping onwards for the following item; a full sized book on Kemeticism.

Its something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time following the release of ‘A Path Laid Bare’, but just couldn’t for some reason. However in the past few years my path has taken some interesting turns and opened up some new vistas which have necessitated a significant amount of review of what I know and do.

Then can a bewildering week of an intense stream of ideas for this new book that I have decided to withdraw as much as possible from any obligations or events that I would normally fill my time with, to focus on this new work.

A month in to this new regime and I’m happy about that, I’m just keeping my sessions at Pure Magik and the Healing Circle on Second Life going. All moot activity has stopped and so far I don’t think I’m missed – certainly not had anyone chasing me so that’s helpful. Its been quite refreshing to more-or-less cut social media activity too!

Writing is piling up with 100’s of pages so far and perhaps two book’s worth – maybe. Still early days of construction.

Looking forward to what the winter brings and the inspiration it contains.

BB Kev

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