Winter and the time following Yule for me usually leads to feeling the need to prepare for spring. I become restless, perhaps due to being stuck in doors because of bad weather, and I know it can annoy the family as to relieve the boredom I have sudden urges to tidy and organise.

The effects this period has on my spiritual path is to do likewise prepare for spring and what I aim to do for the year. Of course I tend to already roughly know the plans as my goddess will have informed me back at Samhain what she wants me to do, so really I am actually working out how to bring it about and sowing the seeds to see it fruit.

With the visible signs, even under the recent snow (not that there is much down this corner of Kent), I see the signs of change. Odd. But there you go. The most obvious for me is the change in light.

This turning point after Yule, the mid winter, not one I generally mark as a festival as such, is the extent from the mid summer which I do. To feel the return of summer…