Land, Sky and Sea

Since I picked up on this Dahm song end of last year it has increasingly burrowed in to my awareness of how I relate to my surroundings.

Ok, the sea has always been there for me, that I frequently mention. The sky nearly as important. It is the land that I have my greatest issues with in regards to how I involve it in my path. Again, I mention this lack connection with it fairly often. I have so little affinity for stone circles that I sometimes think I must be missing something that everyone else gets. The past year I have made an effort to explore and experieance them so perhaps I will learn in time.

Perhaps too as far as the land goes I feel there are no old wild places in Kent, most woodland is result of management over the centuried. The only wild places that I can truly call that is the sea. Untamed by mans hand.

In the end, my path does not generally involve the physical, so the value these three give me can only go so far. I will still try though.