A Slight Change Of Brand

I’m getting rid of the reference to Pure Ritual, it was a good idea years ago but doesn’t quite fit the story now. Mind you, the ideas behind it still stand: Good materials, simple design, etc.

Therefore a subtle change is taking place and please bear with me while the switch of Pure Ritual text on logos etc is changed to Perfumes. This is an expensive and time consuming process and as a start-up small business not easy – even more so in this economic climate.

New! Mini Soap Range..

While the frankincense and mint soaps are doing well, my Kapet, Susinum, Jasmine Susinum and Jasmine don’t seem to be attracting the same kind of attention. Understandably the more expensive oils and unfamiliar names may be putting customers off.

To encourage the curious to give them a try with a lower risk, I’ve created a smaller bar range of 15g rather than the 100g of the full size bars which start at a price of £1.

Believe me, they are really worth a try!