Mead 31st Oct 2015 Batch 2

  • 2x340g jar honey
  • 1lt of coppela cloudy apple juice
  • topped with water
  • yeat nuit
  • yeast

    30 nov one month bubbles at 3> min added campden tab and will wait 24hrs


    will then add 70g honey to back sweeten and wait a couple of weeks before bottle

    1st dec added 2nd campden as too active

    6th dec appeared dead for a couple of days and so added last (50­70g) of honey. taste is

    more cider like at the mo with a slight hint of honey. need to look at stronger flavoured honey

    Bottled 13/12/15

    9 bottles. Mostly apple taste some honey hint. Need stronger honey. Labelling as medium


    8/6/2016 nice strong apple wine a bit chardony like

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