Late May 2017

Hello All,
May is nearly over and its been a busy one which is why I’ve possibly not been bugging anyone too much. 

Beltane was different for me this year. Normally I try and stay local but instead the random invite for a festival the other end of the country was too much to turn down. It was OK, windy, but not bad. Something to try again sometime.

The open Beltane ceremony at the Shakra Centre back on the 6th was amazing and if any of you came along then thank you. We had a larger group than the Samhain open of around 15-20 and this time the pagan content was almost everyone.

The extra icing on the cake was that for many of these pagans who came, it was their first attendance at a public ceremony. More and more are taking their first steps out into the wider world.

If you have yet to do so and want to then please talk to me.


There was also other changes, more of which to be announced in due course.

Time then for an update. My events are:

My next Pure Magik 15th June and will be on basic ritual and spell practice.
Next Dover is on the 10th June at the Red Lion. This and the rest of the dates can be found on the Facebook group:
YouTube too continues to fill up and I’m planning a few short clips so stay tuned.

This weekend (27th May) I’m speaking at the Staffordshire Pagan Conference on Egyptian Magic.


Out and about with other groups continue.


More groups I can be found lurking at are of course the Faversham Moot:


And last, but not least, Living Magically in Canterbury:

If you want to stay up-to-date with whats going on locally then do sign up:
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Have a blessed and wonderful run up to the summer solstice, and hopefully I will get out something else out before then, if not forward to seeing you all soon!

Forging Magical Intent

I am thrilled to announce the availability of my fourth work, and third in the booklet series called ‘Forging Magical Intent’. This one focuses on spell craft and working with symbolism:

This booklet is for those of us who want alternatives to wordy
spells in order to forge our magical intent. The problem may be
caused by many reasons: perhaps we don’t have a poetic bone in
our body due to lacking skill, vocabulary, interest or even a lack
of time.

Remember, spells do not have to be words for there are many
ways to alter reality.

Available from me directly or from my publisher at

April 2017 – Prep for Beltane

Hello All!
April is here and so too is spring at last! The next few weeks many of us (self included) will be planning for Beltane and the craziness that this festival brings. Its one of my favourites, I think because its the first big one of the year I can mark with others (currently into a two week big one of my own though). 
Time then for an update. My events are:
My next Pure Magik 20th April and will be on various spiritual and pagan traditions.
Next Dover is on the 22nd April at the Red Lion. This and the rest of the dates can be found on the Facebook group:
YouTube too continues to fill up and I’m planning a few short clips so stay tuned.
In addition to my usual haunts above I have an open ceremony at the Shakra Centre, Charing following the main Beltane festival on the 6th May. Details to follow on their Facebook Page:
Out and about with other groups there is plenty going on during this busy time. I won’t be able to make the Fokestone Moot and Beltane Ceremony, or the amazing Rochester Sweeps this year as I’m away out of county doing workshops.

More groups I can be found lurking at are of course the Faversham Moot:

And last, but not least, Living Magically in Canterbury:
Have a blessed and wonderful Beltane and look forward to seeing you all soon!

BB Kev

Its About Sharing

Published in the Children or Artemis’s Witchcraft and Wicca magzine last week.

I originally wrote this on my return from Artemis Gathering on 16th August 2016. Here for your unedited pleasure….


Fresh home from Artemis Gathering and eager to write this, I say fresh, I am now. The drive home caused a few thoughts to spin around my chilled, slightly crusty camp-worn head and I urgently needed to get them down.

The thoughts began with recalling the same journey a year ago and the encounter I had with some Mormons on arrival at a kids party to pick up my family straight from dropping off all my camping gear. The mormons had spotted my Witchfest wristband which in my haste to get back out I decided not to remove due to not finding the scissors quickly enough.

I was as usual in a chilled state and not expecting to defend or explain my path at a kids party, so was a surprise to see a group there who then spotted this and triggered a two hour conversion on comparative religion – but in a good way. I really enjoyed it in fact.

For the sake of not making this a huge article on that event alone, the exact trigger for my current thoughts, was explaining that we pagans go to camps to learn and discuss whatever we feel in sharing, and these often small nuggets trigger ideas and inspiration in others which are unbeknown to those who grant it.

This parallels exactly a conversation I had before departure this year (and I will spare his embracement of naming which i find even more shy than me). His observation was that each year, older and experienced pagan speakers although still forming a good selection of talks seem to have inspired new speakers to come forward to give their experiences an airing. I agreed with that observation and reminded him of the abject horror of my first talk some years ago and growth in my own confidence (which I don’t fully notice but others have), and perhaps been partly inspiring for some of my friends to do the same.

There are a growing number who join in each year, and I’m sure with their own similar journey will experience unusual effects like my own. For example, and I will name drop as she deserves it, Jenny remarked that the sudden focus of people asking questions from her talk and being in effect a source of wisdom (even if you don’t feel you are one – and I know that feeling myself) comes as a shock. This is the cycle of each generation within our community and seems to go unrecognised when many focus on the established pillars of our community. We are still young as a community, but time will take its toll and we need to remember that while those gone before deserve a place in our hearts those that come after also have a voice and a thirst to ask and seek slightly differently.

I understand the feeling that Jen and all of the others that find themselves here i’ve had further unusual episodes that have occurred in the past year or so in coming to terms with the interest in the various topics i have talked on at Artemis and Witchfest.

The past year or so I have been struggling to decide if I should voice my thoughts openly on this cycle, and certainly from my own experiences of it a few times I almost created a forum post but then never posted. Experiences this weekend lead me now to say what the heck.

I have found great joy in meeting and talking to so many people over the years at these events, but my own lack of confidence has been gnawing away with the thought why do people come to hear me? Are my words having any effect on those that listen. I will be honest and say that from last year and until this event my intention was to completely withdraw from the community because I was under the impression that I’m having no effect whatsoever.

When I voiced that thought to myself at Beltane 2015 I knew that would be contrary to what my goddess has planned for me and events started to remind me of why I go through all of this nervous pain each and every time. Here is what I have learnt…

Going full circle, those who speak new or experienced often have no idea what effect their words will have on those listening. The realisation by the recipient may come far down the line where any connection with the origin is lost and so we never know. I have learnt that this is fine, I have no desire to be thanked at every opportunity and to be content that sometimes someone out there may have been impacted and perhaps can’t communicate this back. I can live with that now.

We keep going because we feel that something however small we might consider it to be to ourselves may be big news to someone else.

When you come to camp or any event pagan or otherwise, remember that your words and actions too may make someone else’s day, or even their future.

I am sure that every person that was at the gathering, and other events of course could share something that will lead to opening another’s eyes. I know it is scary to reveal what you think you know, I’ve done enough of that myself and i’m still scared but what harm can it do other than lead to a brief bit of embarrassment? It can only lead to positive things.

Don’t be afraid, step forward and be a part of the wonderful pagan community and inspire the next generation.

Samhain 2016

It has certainly been a strange year apart from the tragic deaths of a couple of friends. My own path has been through the wrangler and in a way has contributed to the talk I will be giving at Witchfest 2016 next month on the highs and lows of Kemetic reconstructionism.

Being a time of change, remembrance and general focus on one’s craft, all of which as a Kemetic I’m not really that attached to, however I still recognise the value in this. In fact throughout my many years I’ve always found a closeness to my goddess at this time and had attached the ‘thinning of the veil’ to that feeling. As it turns out I have been wrong all these years and this time stands in the middle of a two possible dates to festivals to my goddess that I was unaware of. Intuition can be valuable even if we have no idea why.

Other such path shattering discoveries have surfaced and I will take the opportunity to regroup and move forward with reawakened energy and focus, feeling that this time of year is now extra special to me as never before.

However you mark this time of year have a good one and learn from it.