New Perfume Range Coming Soon

Ok, I Feel really bad for not posting here as often as I should. Especially right now while I’m developing new product ranges.

I currently have a few of my new perfumes away at the lab for product safety testing and have been playing with incense cones which might be available before the incense due to not having to go away for tests 🙂

Anyway will update again real soon with something more exciting. I promise.


Website Launches May 2021

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce the launch of two new websites that focus on both my cosmetics and storytelling.

While this site will always remain my home, these two new sites will become ways I can appeal to a wider audience, as well as ensure this site does not become too messy.




Book Launch :: A Kemetic Life – No. 1: Keeping It Personal Booklet

Hello everyone!

Wolfenhowle Press and I are proud to announce the release of the 5th published work under them, and the first in a new series of booklets on Kemetic practice.

This first booklet Keeping It Personal Booklet covers everyday life from food to work. It is absolutely packed with detail, and various photos often from my personal practice.

Hope you love it as much as us!

Available now for £3.50 from [my shop] or the [Wolfenhowle Press Website]

New! Mini Soap Range..

While the frankincense and mint soaps are doing well, my Kapet, Susinum, Jasmine Susinum and Jasmine don’t seem to be attracting the same kind of attention. Understandably the more expensive oils and unfamiliar names may be putting customers off.

To encourage the curious to give them a try with a lower risk, I’ve created a smaller bar range of 15g rather than the 100g of the full size bars which start at a price of £1.

Believe me, they are really worth a try!